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January 19, 2018 | ‎ג׳ בשבט ה׳תשע״ח‎

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The Menorah: Reconnecting with a Secular Friend -

I sat and waited for her in her house on Mt. Olympus, Los Angeles, of all places, with her Great Dane drooling on my lap. It was Chanukah and we were both home on vacation.

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How I Discovered My Diamond Within -

Our souls, our neshamot, come into this world like unpurified diamonds, sullied and covered in layers of soot that hide the beautiful, pure light underneath it.

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I am a Proud Jew, Even if the Israeli Rabbinate Doesn’t Recognize My Judaism -

Since I grew up with a fairly average Jewish life in Minnesota, I never realized that I might be different.

Like any proud Jewish family, our home was centered on Judaism and Zionism. It was a kosher home. We went Read More

jewess israel seminary religious jew orthodox jew I Changed My Life Path and Returned to Israel -

This time last year, I was 22 and finishing up my post-college entry-level job at CBS News. I had my near future planned out and was well on my way to becoming a TV news producer. I was going to Read More

sheva glokow jewish conversion jewess The One Who Chose: My Husband’s Conversion to Judaism -

My parents never put any restrictions on the guys I could date. When I called my mother a few weeks into my freshman year at Temple University to tell her that I had a boyfriend, she was neither surprised nor Read More

How to Convert to Judaism -

You’re here because you’re thinking about converting to Judaism.

Maybe you’re dating or engaged to a Jewish partner, and he or she wants you to take on the Jewish traditions.

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How Reading Fantasy Novels Helped Me Understand Creation -

As a child, I was taught a very literal interpretation of how our universe came to be. Every single thing that would ever exist was created in six days. First, there was light, then land and sea, plants, planets, and Read More

The Shabbos Project: Bringing the Day of Rest to Jews Across the World -

There is a famous saying: “More than the Jews have kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept the Jews.”

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Sexual Harassment is a Sin -

In my head, I’m already calling the last few days “The Week of #metoo.” My social media feeds – and probably yours too – have been filled with women standing up to say that they, like the victims of Harvey Read More

How I Turned to God When I Opened My Chiropractic Business -

Before I opened my business, I was extremely scared.

I never thought of myself as a business owner, so how in the heck was I supposed to create and run one? It wasn’t in my long-term plan to Read More

Jewish Women Cannot Sleep in the Sukkah, But We Can Have a Deep Impact on the World -

Sukkot is upon us. Simcha is in the air.

It’s my favorite time of the year. The deeper meaning of the holiday represents so many beautiful values we treasure as proud Jews. I love to explore these meanings with my Read More

A Holy Message Learned from the Minimalist Lifestyle -

At age 27, Joshua Fields Millburn was the youngest director of operations at a large telecom business in the Midwest. He had it all: a six-figure salary, a powerful job that came with a prestigious title, a wife, and a Read More

I Lost My Job and My Best Friend, But Gained a Positive Perspective -

Last February, I sat in my local park, holding a set of papers that said I had been laid off from my job.

I tried to figure out what my next step was. The notice in my hands wasn’t exclusively Read More

Blessings for the New Year -

Rosh Hashanah, which literally translates to “Head of the Year,” is often referred to as the “Jewish New Year.”

But if you look at the Jewish Calendar, you’ll notice that it is celebrated on the seventh month of our year.

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My Strive for Perfection During Rosh Hashanah -

When I was growing up, Rosh Hashanah was like any other day of the year. Until I was a bat mitzvah, I had no idea when the festival even was, and I hadn’t set foot in a synagogue before.

As I Read More

Where in the Torah Do We Learn about the High Holidays? (A Visual Guide) -

Where in the Torah do we learn about the Jewish High Holidays?

In Sefer Vayikra, (the Book of Leviticus), in Parashat Emor! G-d tells Moses to tell the Children of Israel: “These are the Holidays of G-d!”

Here are illustrations Read More

Today is the Birthday of the World: A Rosh Hashanah Story - “Today is the birthday of the world!”

Jews everywhere know those words, “Hayom harat olam,” today is the birthday of the world. We recite those words every Rosh Hashanah.

But no one has ever said those words the way my Read More