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January 19, 2018 | ‎ג׳ בשבט ה׳תשע״ח‎

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Feel entertained.

Super Jewess: Comedian Ester Steinberg -

Someone with the name Ester Steinberg may sound like she lives in a nursing home in South Florida. And the comedian, who is merely a millennial, does not shy away from that fact.

In a Gotham comedy set, she proudly Read More

Super Jewess: Comic Book Artist Miriam Libicki -

Miriam Libicki grew up in a Zionist home in Columbus, Ohio. So when she graduated from high school, she decided to go to Israel to see what it was all about.

Libicki enrolled in a program where she learned culture Read More

Traveling the World as an Orthodox Jew -

Growing up, I would take annual summer vacations with my family. My parents, two brothers, and I would pack into our car or board an airplane and travel all over. We visited places near and far, from Niagara Falls and Read More

Sikh Entrepreneurs Release Shalom, a New Jewish Dating App -

There’s a certain thrill that rushes through your veins when swiping left or right on a potential match. You feel both excited and nervous at the simple thought of potentially finding your besheret through an app.

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franciska kay I’m an Orthodox Jewish Female Singer Despite All the Challenges -

Growing up, I always thought that I’d be a businesswoman. I imagined myself as some sort of high-flying entrepreneur.

When I was a little girl in Moscow, I sold things like school supplies, accessories, and snacks to my peers. Read More

Client Gifting 101: A Guide for Giving Business Presents -

A few years ago, I met with a brilliant financial planner. Three days later, I received an oversized mug in the mail with his business’ logo and a tagline printed on it.

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How to Navigate Holiday Office Parties if You’re an Observant Jew -

‘Tis the season to be…extremely stressed out about your office holiday celebrations. During this time of year, it can be difficult to figure out how to join in on the fun, handle office politics, and stay true to your Jewish Read More

The Ultimate Hanukkah Gift Ideas for 2017 -

Hanukkah is nearly here! This year, it falls on December 12 through 20. During the eight days, we light the menorah, challenge each other to games of spin the dreidel, eat donuts and latkes and other fried goodies, and give Read More

Neshama Carlebach is Making a Musical Path of Her Own -

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach’s music is present in worship and at Jewish celebrations all over the world. He is one of the most influential Jewish musicians of all time and continues to be an inspiration 23 years after his death.

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Natalie Portman Reveals Sexual Harassment in Hollywood -

Natalie Portman, one of Hollywood’s most successful and revered leading actresses, isn’t immune to sexual harassment.

In a discussion at Vulture Festival Los Angeles, Portman revealed that she has been harassed hundreds of times throughout her long career in Hollywood. Read More

rachel bloom jewess “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Cast Debuts New Song at Vulture Festival LA -

Rachel Bloom and the cast of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” took the stage at Vulture Festival LA to sing seven songs from the show, celebrate the 100 tunes they’ve released, and debut a new song that has not yet aired.

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Transparent’s Jill Soloway: 50% Women, 50% Men in Hollywood by 2020 -

Jill Soloway, creator and executive producer of “Transparent,” said that by 2020, they want Hollywood to be 50% women, 50% men. That includes the TV and movie writers, department heads, directors, showrunners, and board members.

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Super Jewess: Writer Sarah Tuttle-Singer of Times of Israel -

Sarah Tuttle-Singer is one of Israel’s most outspoken critics, as well as one of its most ardent supporters. Like the country itself, she is full of contradictions.

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modest jewish clothes Want to Find Modest Jewish Clothes? Look to the Fashion Industry -

I remember feeling so happy as a teenager when my very elegant Moroccan French grandmother offered me the clothes she used to wear when she was younger. She had beautiful long skirts that matched their jackets and gorgeous, feminine dresses.

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jackie gold comedy Super Jewess: Comedian Jackie Gold -

Comedian Jackie Gold isn’t afraid to go there. In her stand-up act and on her new album, “Maximum Occupancy,” she talks about dating, intimacy, reality TV, and even the Long Island medium… all without any sort of filter.

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jewish party How to Throw an Awesome, Stress-Free Jewish Party -

You’re faced with the task of throwing a Jewish celebration.

Whether you are making a birthday party, upsherin, or bar/bat-mitzvah, half the fun should be planning the event!

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A Baby Boomer’s New Book Highlights the Ups and Downs of Aging -

Baby boomer Jackie Becker is getting older. She has more aches and pains than she used to. She needs to wear orthopedic shoes. She’d rather eat and go to bed early than be romantic with her husband. Is this what Read More

How You Can Find a Job in Hollywood -

There are many myths about what it takes to break into Hollywood.

Maybe you’ve heard that you should ride the elevator at CAA and give your resume to the agents that shuffle in and out. Or that without a family Read More

Vulture Festival LA: Go See Hollywood’s Most Influential Jewesses -

Vulture Festival LA, which is taking place at the Hollywood Roosevelt on November 18 and 19 this year, is featuring panels, live sing-a-longs, screenings, and cast reunions featuring the top Jewish celebrities of today. Are you excited yet?

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Whoops! I Sent a Joke Shidduch Resume for My Daughter -

I’ve always had an odd sense of humor. I like to make fun of the things that most people would be appalled at. Nothing is off limits for me.

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