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January 17, 2018 | ‎א׳ בשבט ה׳תשע״ח‎

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The Ultimate Hanukkah Gift Ideas for 2017

The Ultimate Hanukkah Gift Ideas for 2017

Hanukkah is nearly here! This year, it falls on December 12 through 20. During the eight days, we light the menorah, challenge each other to games of spin the dreidel, eat donuts and latkes and other fried goodies, and give presents to our family members and friends.

If you want to support the Jewish community this year, here are some of the best Hanukkah gift ideas.

The TeaBook

the teabook

The TeaBook stores all your teas in one place

LA based entrepreneur Noah Bleich created The TeaBook, a book that holds more than 144 teas and can be easily passed around your dinner table. Forget the bulky tea boxes and the awkward passing of multiple tea bags. Your favorite tea lover will absolutely adore this useful and cute  Hanukkah gift.

“Raging Against Aging” Book

Raging Against Aging Jackie Becker

“Raging Against Aging” presents a hilarious look at aging

Baby boomer and author Jackie Becker is sick of getting older, so she wrote a very funny book, “Raging Against Aging,” which pokes fun at the aging process. Your baby boomer parents will love this collection of short stories as told by the Long Island-based bubbe and mom.

Barbara Mendes’ Artwork

Barbara Mendes art

Barbara Mendes’ colorful work will brighten up your home

Barbara Mendes creates beautiful Judaic artwork in her studio on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, and you can buy her work at her gallery or online. If you love colorful, animated paintings and drawings, you need to check out Barbara’s pieces.

“Vhere’s Velvel?” Book

vhere's vevel jewish book

Your kids will have a great time finding Vevel and learning about mitzvahs

We all love “Where’s Waldo?” In this book, author Bracha Goetz puts a Jewish spin on the classic Waldo character with her creation, “Vhere’s Velvel?” Your kids can try to find Vevel as he engages in different mitzvahs like learning Torah.

Handmade jewelry from Meira E. Schneider-Atik

Meira jewelry

A necklace by Meira

jewelry by meira

Teal crystal chandelier earrings by Meira

Jewelry designer Meira E. Schneider-Atik is taking orders for her lovely handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets are more. Send her an email at to order yours today.

The Shpielmans Kids’ Figurines

The Shpielmans

Your kids will love playing with the Shpielmans

Sick of American Girl dolls and G.I. Joe action figures? Then buy The Shpielmans for your kids this holiday season. The Shpielmans are Hasidic Jewish figurines that will teach your kids about family, Shabbat and the holidays. The special Hanukkah pack includes a free coloring book as well.

“Joyfully Jewish” Coloring Book

“Joyfully Jewish” allows you to color and meditate

Rae Shagalov’s, “Joyfully Jewish,” a Jewish coloring book for kids and adults, promises to relax your soul and help you meditate. It comes with more than 40 designs you can color when you’re trying to unwind.

The Destiny Candle by Karen Michelle 

karen michelle destiny candle

Get a candle, massage oil, and jewelry all in one package

Do you want to fill your home with wonderful smells and get some natural massage oil at the same time? Then buy Karen Michelle’s Destiny Candle, a three-in-one Hanukkah gift. It’s a candle that melts into massage oil and includes a piece of jewelry.

“The Nicest Boy in Barcelona” Comedy Album by Danny Lobell

danny lobell

Danny Lobell’s hilarious comedy album, “The Nicest Boy in Barcelona”

How could I not include my husband, the hilarious Danny Lobell? His second album, “The Nicest Boy in Barcelona,” was recorded in Spain, where his family was from. It’s all about his silly adventures as a broke comedian and includes plenty of Jewish material. Trust me – you’ll laugh until you cry.

Happy shopping, and happy Hanukkah!

Author: Kylie Ora Lobell

Kylie Ora Lobell is Jewess in chief of Jewess. She is also a freelance writer who lives in Los Angeles with her husband, comedian Danny Lobell, and their two dogs, six chickens, and tortoise.