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January 19, 2018 | ‎ג׳ בשבט ה׳תשע״ח‎

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Want to Find Modest Jewish Clothes? Look to the Fashion Industry

modest jewish clothes

I remember feeling so happy as a teenager when my very elegant Moroccan French grandmother offered me the clothes she used to wear when she was younger. She had beautiful long skirts that matched their jackets and gorgeous, feminine dresses.

I could only wear them on special occasions though because it sometimes felt “too much”: too chic, too classy and… too covered.

This was before though. This was prior to me becoming more observant. It was also before the more recent turn in the whole Western fashion scene that led the big brands to copy our standards of tzniut, or modesty.

The long skirt can now switch from the so-called Shabbat item to an everyday sophisticated and trendy must-have in your closet. More and more respected brands launch new collections every season that reflect Jewish modesty – long sleeves for shirts, flowing skirts or airy dresses. It has suddenly become “in” to show less skin, with style of course!

This winter, you will find a lot of pieces to add to your fashionista collection and stay modest at the same time.

For instance, when you walk into a Target nowadays, you can shop for modest and fashionable skirts up to the bigger sizes. There is no need to go to special shops anymore!

modest jewish clothes

A modest skirt from Target, $27.99.

Zara also entered the game with super pretty items that are modest.

modest jewish clothes

A modest dress from Zara, $69.90.

We can count on H&M, who jumped into the pool with collections that fit modest girls, staying faithful to its line with the cute little details that made the store famous.

modest jewish clothes

A long-sleeved shirt from H&M, $12.99.

For more of a French style, you can go to my online boutique Parisian Closet and find modest items straight from Paris

jewish clothes

A top from Parisian Closet, $29, and a pleated skirt from Parisian Closet, $45.

jewish clothes

A sweater from Parisian Closet, $35.

Modesty is even becoming trendy among actresses.

The fashion lover Sarah Jessica Parker, known for her taste in sexy outfits, recently showed up in a very modest dress at the 2017 Obie Awards.

Sarah Jessica Parker, courtesy of Zimbio.

The gorgeous Anne Hathaway appeared quite elegant last April with a long-sleeve purple shirt and a long skirt.

Anne Hathaway, courtesy of HawtCelebs.

Modest dress is even showing up in pop culture. On a recent episode of Broad City, Abbi wore a shell turtleneck under her very cute floral dress.

Abbi Jacobson on Broad City

The bottom line: modesty is “in” and the fashion industry has you covered.

The more you experiment with combining fashion and tzniut the more fun it gets. You don’t have to buy only modest clothes. You can adjust less modest clothing and wear them in a way that highlights your inner beauty, yet still leaves you feeling fabulous!

If you are just starting out, you can always get a long skirt and mix it with a fun top that you can wear under a cardigan or a leather jacket.

The idea is to be creative, have fun, and feel gorgeous… and the fashion brands are making it easy for us. Fashionistas, it’s time for us to enjoy it!


Author: Sarah Lalou Lessing

Sarah Lessing is a French fashion lover from Paris. Recently she launched her online boutique, Parisian Closet (, where she offers trendy and affordable clothes brought directly from her hometown of Paris.