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January 17, 2018 | ‎א׳ בשבט ה׳תשע״ח‎

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How I Turned to God When I Opened My Chiropractic Business

How I Turned to God When I Opened My Chiropractic Business

Before I opened my business, I was extremely scared.

I never thought of myself as a business owner, so how in the heck was I supposed to create and run one? It wasn’t in my long-term plan to be an entrepreneur, but more of a hustler/rockstar employee.

However, when the opportunity arose to build a practice of my own, I jumped on it.

I’m a chiropractor in South Florida. I started my career as an associate, working in a large family practice up in Pennsylvania, before moving here. When I was in that practice, most of my time and focus was spent on taking care of patients. My attention was on everything other than the “how-to run a successful business” part.

In 2012, when I opened my practice as an independent contractor in Plantation, Florida, I didn’t have a clue about managing a business. While I had numerous family members who were successful entrepreneurs, and even chiropractors, I didn’t go to business school.

I reached out to the many people I considered business savvy but was overwhelmed with figuring out where to even start.

I ended up doing what I knew best: socializing. I started going to every networking event I would hear about. I quickly learned that breakfast meetings were my least favorite, as I do enjoy some extra beauty rest. I also learned that happy hour events were the most fun, even though I’m not much of a drinker.

What became apparent overtime was that the more often I would go to these events, the more I would foster great relationships with people. Once the know, like, and trust factors were there, I slowly started to build a following. Suddenly, my appointment book was filling up with patients!

Dr. Gena with a young patient

I spent my first two years as a business owner building my business from scratch, while keeping my overhead as low as possible, thanks to a great space opportunity I found through an online posting.

I then decided that it would be best to jump from being an independent contractor (IC) to running my own practice. When you rent space out of someone else’s office as an IC, you’re surrounded by someone else’s energy and ideas.

Even though you have free reign to practice how you please, there are still some guidelines/rules of conduct that may not be true to who you are at your core. This was extra true for me, a wildly energetic and loud person through and through. I don’t do well with restrictions.

I spent 12 months building a new office. I lost tons of sleep since I’d either wake up from a nightmare that I was going to fail or wake up because I was having the most brilliant business idea of my life. I had about seven million and one ideas constantly bombarding my thoughts.

Also, I was doing a build-out of a shell of a space. On top of my time devoted to marketing and promotion, hiring the right team members, and branding myself, I needed to figure out an office layout down to the minutest details. Where was I going to place the electrical outlets? Which shade of grey should I paint on the walls, because apparently there are thousands?

I met with business bankers and pitched my ideas to private lending groups. I watched my personal savings account dwindle as I wrote checks to independent contractors. I waited and waited for the right permits.

When all the paperwork was completed, and before I bought even a single chair, piece of artwork, or office equipment, I got five kosher mezuzahs to hang up around the office.

Dr. Gena opening her chiropractic practice

While I attended an Orthodox yeshiva growing up, I do not consider myself to be religious in the least. I very much identify as a Jew, but practice-wise, I only go to synagogue on the High Holidays, light the menorah on Chanukah, and avoid bread on Passover. Still, I always connected with the meaning of the mezuzah, and I wanted to honor that Jewish tradition.

They say that even an atheist will pray to Hashem when she’s scared. G-d wasn’t someone/something I would praise on a daily basis, or really even think much about in the past. But opening a business and stepping into the huge role of entrepreneur, while exciting, was also frightening.

I needed inspiration, so I turned to my Jewish roots.

A business coach I had been working with encouraged me to write down all of my goals for the upcoming year. After doing that, I created a vision board, and I began reading or yelling out loud, positive affirmations to pump myself up upon waking every morning.

I reverted to my yeshiva days and began reciting the Modeh Ani, the morning Jewish prayer, and thanking G-d for all I had been blessed with and for all of the success I could see and envision coming my way.

I wouldn’t say I had a “come to Moses moment” when finding Hashem. I’d always believed there was a higher power, but I didn’t have an epiphany that made me want to pray, acknowledge, or thank it. It was more of a culmination of events that slowly started conspiring to bring my dream into reality. It felt like I was living a miracle, thanks to all of the blood, sweat, and tears I was shedding.

Perhaps finding peace and believing in something bigger than yourself comes with age, experience, or wisdom. Perhaps it comes from straight-up fear. What I know for sure is that it came out of both of those emotions for me. It felt comforting to ask G-d for success and turn to G-d in my time of need.

Opening my chiropractic practice felt like I was giving birth to an extension of my professional/adult self. I remember talking to one of my girlfriends over the phone and saying, “You’re such an adult, you have a house, a husband, and three kids!” She replied with, “YOU’RE such an adult, you own a business!”

Months of work went by and the new space at Dr. Gena Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was finally open to the public. When people would ask how business was going, I’d say, “Thank G-d, it’s going well!”

I started to realize that all of my hard work was paying off because a higher power was watching over me. As I watched “my baby” grow, my faith in G-d and my Jewish connection strengthened.

This location has now been open for over two years. I am blessed with phenomenal rewards, including a successful practice full of patients I love and adore. I get to work alongside a team who support me, as well as the mission and vision of my practice.

I’d like to publicly thank my higher power, and I wish for everyone reading this to find comfort in something greater than themselves, too. I hope that whoever your higher power is, they help make life happen for you as well.

Author: Gena Bofshever

Dr. Gena Bofshever, a leading South Florida health and wellness champion, has influenced the industry for 8+ years. With a doctorate from Life University and a degree from SUNY Binghamton, Dr. Gena is the owner and full-time operator at her private practice, Dr. Gena Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Visit her at