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January 17, 2018 | ‎א׳ בשבט ה׳תשע״ח‎

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The Best Jewish Moments on Broad City

The Best Jewish Moments on Broad City

Broad City is undoubtedly one of the funniest shows of all time. Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are hilarious as two broke best friends trying to make it in the Big City (Yes, New Yawk).

These two awesome Jewesses are also proud of their Jewish heritage. In fact, in the first episode of Broad City, Ilana posted an ad on Craigslist that read:

“We’re just 2 Jewesses tryin’ to make a buck.”

Who wouldn’t want to hire them?

Now, as Broad City season four premieres on Comedy Central, let’s take a look back at all the best Jewish moments on the show.

Sussie Essman guest stars as Ilana’s mom

Susie Essman as Ilana Glazer’s mom. Could there be a more perfect casting?

Susie Essman and Ilana Glazer. Source: Bustle

In this episode, Susie and Ilana get their nails done (with nail polish they brought to the salon, unlike “WASPy upperclass Jew” Abbi) and get caught buying some knockoff handbags.

The episode also features poor Grandma Esther’s shiva, which gets a little bit raunchy. Plus, that’s Ilana’s real-life brother, comedian Eliot Glazer!

Abbi and Ilana go to Abbi’s childhood home

Abbi and Ilana go to visit Abbi’s dad in her childhood home. There is a running joke repeated a few times throughout the show, and it appears, again, in this episode. Ilana asks Abbi if she is Jewish, because she seems like such a WASP. I mean… her dad is Tony Danza. Not very Jewish.

And while Ilana is basking in the glory that is Abbi’s childhood room, this happens:

Ilana: “It’s the Holocaust museum of Abbi Abrams!”

Abbi: “What’s that mean?”

Ilana: “Oh, I meant museum. I just… my family only went to Holocaust museums as a kid.”

This joke is something all Jews can probably relate to.

All those glorious Jewish guest stars

Broad City is host to many great Jewish guest stars. Aside from Susie Essman, Rachel Dratch, Adam Levine, Eugene Mirman, Bob Balaban, and Mara Wilson have all made appearances on the show.

Here is one of my favorites: A parody of airline safety videos starring Adam Levine.

Abbi and Ilana break their Yom Kippur fast early

Abbi and Ilana are trying to be good Jews in this bonus clip of Broad City. But they’re starving! Here is a little snippet of their convo about the Yom Kippur holiday:

Abbi: “I think right now we’re just supposed to list like all the bad sh*t we did this year until the sun sets.”

Ilana: “Very Jewish.”

And then they decide that they can’t take it anymore, and they eat their bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches. Not exactly the most kosher Yom Kippur, but it is funny… and very relatable.

Abbi and Ilana go on Birthright

Because of course. Birthright is one of the most important coming of age experiences for any Jew. And on the season finale of Broad City, Ilana and Abbi attempt to go on it.

The episode is full of funny Jewish moments, like when tour guide Seth Green admits that he gets a commission on all the Jewish couples that get together on the trip. Oh yeah, and all the attendees start chanting, “Jews! Jews! Jews!”

Of course, in classic Abbi and Ilana fashion, the two do not quite make it to the Holy Land. But they are interrogated by Israeli police officers for suspicion of terrorist activity.

The next season of Broad City begins Wednesday, September 13th on Comedy Central. Let’s hope there are some more great Jewish moments on the show to come!

Author: Kylie Ora Lobell

Kylie Ora Lobell is Jewess in chief of Jewess. She is also a freelance writer who lives in Los Angeles with her husband, comedian Danny Lobell, and their two dogs, six chickens, and tortoise.