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January 19, 2018 | ‎ג׳ בשבט ה׳תשע״ח‎

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5 Fabulous Looks for the Jewish High Holidays 2017

5 Fabulous Looks for the Jewish High Holidays 2017

Summer is already whispering that it will see us next year, meaning it’s time to get ready for the fall season. But a fresh wind of panic may hit some of us: how can we stay pretty and elegant for the High Holidays with traditionally bland fall options? Well, fabulous Jewesses, simply follow this guide!


This fall, leather is an absolute must. You can wear your leather in the form of a timeless jacket or pretty skirt. Don’t forget the accessories to spice up your outfit: leather boots, bags, or gloves always add a nice sophisticated touch to your look. Just remember to leave all the leather goods in the closet on Yom Kippur.

Double denim

For the bravest fashionistas, total denim will be the most requested look this fall. Paris, New York, and Los Angeles will be talking about this daring ensemble. Let’s get real though: it is a hard look to pull off while staying chic, so I would suggest mixing a denim skirt or blouse with a denim bag instead.

Career woman style

The professional look is also coming back this season, so you might want to reach into the back of your closet and pull out that forgotten pencil skirt. You can wear it with a nicely ironed button shirt or a stand-up collar under a jacket and even put on your high heels. A perfect way to be elegant at shul for those who want to dress modestly.

The fabric to wear: knit


Knitted sweaters will also be a key item in your wardrobe if you want to call yourself a fashionista. All styles and colors will be hot this fall, so you can pick a few pieces of this versatile item and be creative about it. Try to pair your knitted sweater with a big handbag thrown on your shoulder for a casual and cute look.

Navy blue is the new black

Always classy and fashionable, navy blue is super trendy this season. You can wear it as much as you want and even mix it with black for an ultra stylish look. Red is also an alternative this year to brighten the moods. You can match your red piece of clothing with a red lipstick for a super French look.

Dressing up for the Jewish High Holidays

Fortunately, this fall offers a lot of gorgeous options for the Jewish High Holidays. Prepare a great look with these tips and be ready to shine!

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What is your favorite outfit to wear during Yom Tov?

Author: Sarah Lalou Lessing

Sarah Lessing is a French fashion lover from Paris. Recently she launched her online boutique, Parisian Closet (, where she offers trendy and affordable clothes brought directly from her hometown of Paris.