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January 19, 2018 | ‎ג׳ בשבט ה׳תשע״ח‎

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8 Cheap and Easy Decorating Tips for the Jewish High Holidays

8 Cheap and Easy Decorating Tips for the Jewish High Holidays

The Jewish High Holidays are coming up. They are a time when we invite friends and family to our home to celebrate.

They are also the perfect time to show off your decorating skills and make the holidays super special.

This Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot, use these simple and fun ideas to liven up your holidays and impress your guests.

1.) Break out the honey

What is Rosh Hashanah without honey? I try to find all different honey products (Hint: Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Amazon) and put them on my table for guests along with an apple or honey flavored liquor (like Jim Beam Honey).

I also give each guest a cute little honey bear that they can use throughout the meal. If you do the same, just remember to wash them off at the end – you don’t want sticky bottles or to attract ants!

I love the Savannah Bee Company!

2.) Buy fake apples

Now that you have the honey, all you need is the apples! You can go for real ones, though you may not want to eat them after your guests have spilled chicken soup all over them.

That’s why I pick up ceramic or plastic ones throughout the year at places like T.J. Maxx, Michaels, or Marshalls. A few years ago, I found some fake pomegranates and decorated my candle-lighting station with them, too.

3.) Pick a sukkah theme

On Sukkot, I try to stick with one theme for decorating my sukkah. A favorite of mine is my “peacock” themed sukkah. I have done that one more than once!

I drape the walls in cheap sheer curtain panels of the “peacock” color palette (think greens, blues, and purples). Over the years, I’ve bought various peacock-related decor.

Search “peacock ornaments” on Amazon and a bunch of great stuff will come up! I hang them from the ceiling with clear fishing wire and also use some blue string lights to add some pizzaz at night.

4.) Subscribe to Oriental Trading Company magazine

Oriental Trading Company is where you can find bulk party supplies at cheap prices. It’s how I decorated my Sukkah a few years ago with these cute and colorful hanging ornaments and umbrellas. Six hanging lanterns were only $9.99!

The company always has coupons available on their website, so make sure you head on over to that section prior to checking out.

5.) Head to the dollar store for centerpieces

A great resource is, of course, your local Dollar Tree or 99 cent store. While there, you can pick up some inexpensive and nice vases. They really have great things and I have found items there that I have used in really high-end events (Shhh, don’t tell).

One awesome centerpiece is a cylinder vase (Dollar Tree special). You can put some stones, rocks, or marbles at the bottom with either a floating candle in it for $3 a piece.

To make it extra nice, buy an orchid stem, and it’ll still come out to under $5. It’s stunning and elegant and easy as pie! Plus the vase and stones can be reused over and over again.

6.) Make your own runner

Another thing I really like to do is make a runner with bud vases and fresh flowers. I recently found bud vases, two in a pack, at my 99 cent store. So I bought 6 packs (12 vases were $6) and then I got flowers.

I prefer to always use just one kind of flower for consistency. Trader Joe’s has a bouquet of 12 roses for $6.99 and a bunch of tulips for $6.99. Both work very well for the runner look.

So you put one flower in each vase and put all the vases as a runner down the length of the table. It’s a nice, simple, and clean look that’s effective. You can get the look of flowers everywhere without investing too much money.

Remember: Keep your flowers low so that people can see each other from across the table. Otherwise, you’ll have to take them off as the meals begin.

7.) Tap into the Mason Jar trend

If you want to skip flowers altogether, another great centerpiece is Mason jar candles. Mason jars are all the rage, and they’re very versatile. You can buy them for less than a dollar at your local Jo-Ann’s or Michaels.

Tie a pretty ribbon around your Mason jar and put a candle votive inside of it. Light it up and you will have a pretty flickering centerpiece! They sell six-hour votive candles, which is perfect if you want to use them at your Jewish High Holy Days meals. They will stay lit for six hours and then go out.

Source: khgibson55 on Pinterest

8.) Print up Simanim cards for your guests

Rosh Hashanah is similar to Passover in that every guest will usually have a prayer book to reference at the meal. However, these are clunky, don’t look great on your table, and risk getting wine or food spilled on them.

Instead, print up little cards for your guests that explain the meaning of the Simanim – or the symbolic foods – that they can reference and feel free to get as messy as they please. They won’t be worried about damaging your books, and you won’t be worried about how your table looks.

Source: Walder Education

Getting started

There are so many great centerpiece ideas that aren’t so costly. So just use your imagination and get the creative juices running. Good luck, and happy holidays!

How do you decorate for the Jewish High Holy Days?

Author: Sara Shoff

Sara Shoff runs a party planning business in Los Angeles, California called “Plan a Party with Sara” and is Rebbetzin of Beis Knesses of Los Angeles.

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